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So, yeah, part of my blog title is indeed “books”. And I note that since I started, I have posted NOTHING at all on the subject! Probably because I’ve been a complete a-hole, obsessed with work and doing very little of the things that I truly love (well, except for the stilettos and bitching parts - hard to divorce myself from those addictions).

ANYWAY… First at hand is reading with The Boy. Since he was just a wee little dude, I’ve been reading to him almost exclusively out of chapter books. I’m sorry, but endless re-readings of Dr. Suess never appealed to me, and I didn’t want reading to my own child to feel like a chore. Especially considering my great love of the written word and my desire to influence him in the same direction.

Right now we’re reading “The Titan’s Curse” (third in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan). He is loving the series, and I think secretly hoping that he will turn out to be a half-blood himself, instead of the child of just a coupla boring old mortals. It’s a great kids fantasy series, written in an exciting enough way to keep a parent’s interest on the read through. A bit predictable of course, and some of the specific “action” gets a little repetitive. However, I really enjoy the process of reading aloud, so each character has their own voice and I try to imbue the action with real excitement.

Fortunately for me, all of that imagination and excitement at bedtime has not had the effect of keeping The Boy awake, since this is our “bedtime story” each evening. Good kid.

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